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Archive: 2016

So here we are, in a sellers' market!

Hi folks,

So here we are in a sellers' market. There are 171 properties listed for sale in Upper Hutt (at the time of writing) on, the lowest level of listings I have seen in Upper Hutt in my 12½ years of real estate here.

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Lots of buyers are waiting!

Hi folks,

It’s official! At the time of writing this there are 176 properties for sale on, the lowest level of listings I have ever seen in my 12 years of real estate in Upper Hutt.

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The plight of first time buyers?

Hi Folks, this week I would like to discuss the plight of first time buyers and ask “Is it really so hard for them?” Open a newspaper or turn on a radio these days and you will find media commentators talking about how expensive property has become and how hard it is for young people to buy their first home. Is this much-discussed phenomenon just another urban myth?

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Negotiating the selling price of a property

Hi folks,

Negotiating the selling price of a property is often the most emotionally difficult part of the selling process, especially for vendors. After all, purchasers can always move onto another property if they don’t like the vendor’s counteroffers but vendors are there until the property is sold. The sense that so much money is riding on one decision heightens emotions all round. In the heat of the moment, vendors often think that moving from their original asking price means they are “losing money”, while purchasers are afraid of “going too high”.

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The Real Estate market continues its hot streak!

Hi folks,

I can confirm that the upper Hutt market is continuing its hot streak heading into Autumn! There were 88 sales in February taking the total this year to 152, well above last years 105 for the same period.

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This current hot market might be around for a while!

Hi folks,

As regular readers will know, I have been stating in recent times that the property market in Upper Hutt is extremely busy with more sales happening, properties not staying on the market long and combined with a historically low level of listings we are seeing property prices rise.  

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Will Upper Hutt break the 1000 sales barrier this year?

Hi folks,

Continuing on from my last musings 2 weeks ago about how positive the property market is currently, I see that the Real Estate Institute has just released their figures and it’s not just Upper Hutt that is experiencing house price growth.

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Upper Hutt real estate blasts off!

Hi folks,

I can confirm that the property market in Upper Hutt in 2016 has started with not so much a bang but a nuclear explosion! Continuing the increasing sales activity we saw towards the end of 2015, which turned out to be, with 825 sales, the top selling year since 2007!

So what’s the forecast from this point? Well, after a weekend with 7 offers on 4 properties and my phone ringing red hot I’m only forecasting good things! Finally a great number of people are out of negative equity and while the timing of the rise in price was expected as cycles tend to last 8-10 years, the way we arrived at this market certainly came as a surprise.

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Nibbling At the Selling Price

Hi folks,

When buying a home or property most purchasers will have to undertake some form of negotiation when they find it. How much or how little they can afford to negotiate depends on the market: negotiating too hard in a sellers’ market is never worth it as there will be many other buyers keen to pay more just to secure a property. It is worth considering the strategy of negotiating from the asking price to an acceptable selling price and realising that there are many things that inexperienced buyers say in the stress of the moment that might make them miss out.

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Happy New Year, 2016!

Hi, folks.

I hope you are all enjoying 2016 so far.

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