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Selling Strategies for a Buyers' Market

Hi folks,

In response to questions I was asked while I was out over the weekend I thought I would revisit a familiar topic, “selling strategies for a buyers' market”. Because, let’s face it, we are definitely in a buyers' market.

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The Best Month For Selling

Hi folks,

During the last four years there haven’t been many positive property market reports, you may see one article saying prices have dropped one month and the people who say it then say prices have risen the next month. I prefer to take a year on year perspective, January on January, February on February etc, so with this in mind I am delighted to say that the number of property sales in Upper Hutt has risen again. There were 52 property sales in October 2011 compared with 32 in October 2010.

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Dealing With a Home Inspection

Hi folks,

Things I have seen over the years in Real Estate that shouldn’t still come as a surprise but do, number 10,344…..I was in conversation with a colleague last week when one topic we chatted about was how some vendors are reluctant to hand over the marketing of their home to an agent. They feel as anxious as parents teaching their teenagers to drive. Will the agents remember to leave the top lock when they unlock the front door? Will they leave a window open or shut the cat inside? Vendors since time immemorial have anxiously checked and cross checked every detail of the marketing with their agent, and I have to say that it is always good to check, especially if this provides the reassurance they need. But there is a time for vendors to stand back.

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High Pricing in the Current Market Place

Hi folks,

This week I thought I might address high pricing in the current real estate market place in Upper Hutt. As we know Real Estate is a very competitive industry and recently a couple of properties have come to my attention as being what I would term “optimistically priced”. Some (less professional) agents have strong motivation to quote high when assessing the value of a house for sale – they want the listing. I believe the more professional agents don’t do this because it wastes everyone’s time and often leads to a no-sale stalemate.

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Don't Forget the Exterior!

Hi folks,

Even though winter is upon us and the market is quieter than peak times houses still come to the market even though the outside doesn’t look as good as spring/summer so I thought I would offer some thoughts on focusing on winter presentation. Many people concentrate on interiors when putting their house up for sale. For good reason, the inside is where purchasers will be living and sleeping. But overlooking the exterior of the house can undo some of the good work home sellers have done inside when they de-clutter, paint and generally pay attention to maintenance.

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Trading Up in a Buyers’ Market

Hi folks,

Today I’m writing about a particular topic that most of my vendors have heard before, the reason why it’s better to trade up in a deflated market. Many homeowners look at the market and think they have missed the best time to sell their home. They think that it’s smart to wait until the market ‘picks up’ before they get that extra bedroom or the rumpus room they now need for their growing family. Is this really good thinking?

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Selling Strategies For Today’s Market

Hi folks,

I thought I would discuss possible selling strategies for today’s market, some vendors may find it interesting, but I doubt there will be a lot here they don’t already know. As we know the property market is constantly changing. Sometimes it seems to work in the favour of sellers and sometimes purchasers, there is no doubt that currently it is working for buyers.

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New Listings Attract More Buyers

Hi folks,

In the last few weeks I have had a number of listings that have attracted offers within a couple of days of coming to market, in 2 instances the first person through the door made an offer. Fortunately these were negotiated successfully but there will be times when this may not happen and that got me thinking.

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If I Don’t Get My Price, I’m Not Selling!

Hi folks,

Agents often hear home owners say “If I don’t get my price, I’m not selling!” In many cases home sellers don’t have the luxury of holding out for an in your dreams figure because they have to sell in order to buy another home to live in. But if the market can’t deliver the price there is another option for those who have the flexibility to take it on. In some cases it is in the vendor’s best interests to hold onto a property rather than selling for less, especially if they have the borrowing power to own more than one property and turn the unsold home into rental investment income.

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Listing Your Property Online

Hi folks,

Listing your property on an agent’s website is an inexpensive way of getting wide exposure. But if you are counting on internet exposure to sell your home, you need to feel confident that purchasers wanting to purchase in your area will be using the site as a source of property information. How can the layperson determine whether an agent’s website will direct inspections to the property?

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