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The Common Misconception About GVs

Hi folks,

I recently had an unconditional offer that I had prepared and was set to meet the potential buyer when I received a call from them prior to our meeting. The buyer wanted to reduce their offer by $20,000 as they saw the 2010 GV had dropped by $20,000 from the 2007 GV.

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"Sell Early, Sell Cheap" Is It True?

Hi folks,

As everyone is aware the property market is extremely quiet compared with recent years but I have found it interesting to see that some issues from a busy market can still be prevalent today. Last week I was talking to a colleague who had received an offer on a new listing, negotiations had taken place but the vendor was reluctant to accept as the property had not been on the market for long, this in spite of the fact the offer was excellent. This was undoubtedly a case of what I call early offer syndrome.

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Upper Hutt Home Sale Figures

Hi folks,

It’s been a while since I last discussed the Upper Hutt property market so as we are now into Spring it seems appropriate to look back over the year to date.

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Why Some Potential Purchasers Fail to Cross the Finish Line

Hi folks,

As most people have probably heard, one of the most stressful things in life to deal with is a sale of your own home and one of the greatest causes of vendor stress in the sale process is an offer falling through before contracts have become unconditional.

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Putting Your Advertising Dollar to Work

Hi folks,

Even though it’s Winter people are still listing and selling homes and a number of issues have to be addressed prior to coming to the market including marketing so this week I thought I would discuss putting your advertising dollar to work. In the US, eight out of ten people (in Australia and New Zealand seven out of ten) make their initial foray into the market via the Internet. After all, the net is convenient, inexpensive and wide-ranging and it allows purchasers to be anonymous until they are ready to buy. What do the Internet and other technologies mean for the more traditional advertising vehicles and how does a vendor work out how to get the best value for advertising dollar with so much out there to choose from?

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June’s Sales Figures for Upper Hutt

Hi folks,

June’s sales figures for Upper Hutt are out and, in my opinion, again make for interesting reading. The median sale price was $317,500, up from May figures and confirming that prices have been stable now over the last 12 months. The damning statistic is that only 40 sales happened in Upper Hutt in June, only down by 1 on June 09. This in itself isn’t a bad thing and seems to show some consistency in the selling numbers but when we look the total sales in Upper Hutt this year (Jan-June) which is 276 dwellings, in 2009 the total at the half year stage was 320, this is a huge difference and confirms a 3 year pattern in reduced sales. (I have already addressed this previously so won’t bore you again)

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Good Workmanship Helps Sell Property

Hi folks,

Are you thinking of selling your home? Many home sellers forget that their home is more than meets the purchaser’s eye. They no longer remember that behind the smart décor there is attention to detail and quality workmanship. But these features often cost a lot even though they aren’t immediately apparent to purchasers. Could they add value to a home?

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There is Only One Thing Ever Wrong With Property

Hi folks,

Well the Real Estate Institute sales figures are out and they make for some interesting reading regarding the Upper Hutt market in terms of numbers of sales and the median selling price.

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Conducting a Safe Open Home

Hi folks,

I thought I would re-visit safe open homes. Theft from properties that are offering open homes is extremely rare, or they wouldn’t be such a popular method of exposing a house for sale to the widest number of buyers in the shortest time.

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Upper Hutt's Rising Median Prices

Hi folks,

I have a confession to make. For the last 4 Sundays I have crawled out of my bed to do open homes with feelings of nervousness and almost dread. Why I hear you ask? Because of my increased paranoia that a particular broadsheet Sunday newspaper is going to tell me that the world has ended!

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