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Things You Should Ask a Prospective Agent

Hi folks,

Today I would like to discuss some aspects of skill levels that quality real estate professionals will know the answers to. Obviously the housing market is going through a transitional phase right now and properties are undoubtedly taking longer to sell. So how can we show confidence to a vendor in this marketplace if we don’t utilise very basic practices and show that we are experts in our field.

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Wouldn’t You Prefer to Be Dealing With Me and the Tommys Team?

Hi folks,

I’m pretty sure everyone is fairly fed up with the negativity surrounding the property market right now so thought I would discuss something from the media from recent weeks regarding real estate agents rather than the market itself.

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Virtual Tours of a Property

Hi folks,

As we are still awaiting the April statistics, I thought I would talk about a marketing tool raised at an appraisal this week regarding the internet and the various selling tools it can utilise.

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People Move, Regardless of the Market

Hi folks,

For those of you that read this column on a regular basis, you will know that the statistics I source regarding property sales are from The Real Estate Institute of New Zealand. Their statistics usually come out a little later than Quotable Value but are an excellent snapshot of the real estate market.

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Some Property Good News

Hi folks,

Well slap my thighs and call me Bob!! I’m writing today to give out some property good news because I’m absolutely fed up with reading total rubbish put out by the mainstream media about how badly the New Zealand housing market is doing. For the last 2 weeks every story I have read has been negative, neurotic and on more than one occasion utter, utter garbage.

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House Prices Haven’t Fallen

Hi folks, due to a family bereavement I recently returned to the UK for a short visit which is why there was no column for the last couple of weeks.

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What Are We Doing Right?

Hi all,

Hands up if you are fed up hearing doom and gloom about the property market, hmmm, please bear with me I see that I could be counting hands for quite some time.

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People Always Have to Move

Hi all, for the last time this year I’m going to address the changing property market. As you will know I’ve not been shy about discussing where we are going and why. I hope this helps explain a little more why I’m moving positively into 2008.

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The Sure Way To Compare a Property Market

Hi all,

A couple of months ago I raised the issue of the question I was most frequently asked, “What’s happening in the real estate market?” Well it’s time to ask again.

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The BEO Method of Selling Property

Hello again, this week I’m going to address some questions raised recently regarding the Buyer Enquiry Over (BEO) method of selling property. As some of you may be aware there was a Wellington real estate salesperson who was taken to court by the Commerce Commission last year suggesting that the BEO method was a breach of the Fair Trading Act, simply put, A low asking price was offered but the actual selling price could be considerably above the asking. The outcome of the case was that the judge sided with the salesperson citing Australian practise that it was acceptable to work within a 10% range.

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