Keep up to date with Real Estate market conditions!

Hi folks,

It’s fair to say that I consider myself very knowledgeable about the Upper Hutt residential market place and one thing I have learned is that most people who have just bought or sold a property know a lot about their market in their area are as well. They have gained this knowledge over weeks and months of looking at properties to buy or preparing themselves to sell. So how can they keep this market knowledge current so that they always know market trends and price movements?

I can help!

Many residential property buyers and sellers keep up-to-date with what is happening in their local market in a way that places them under no obligation to become a client of the agent who provides the information. Most professional agents have a website with information about prices currently being achieved in their local area, as well as more general advice about the real estate market. I also use Facebook and I place articles with useful information for people at every stage of the buying and selling process, from first home buyers, to novice property investors, from the young couple who is struggling to get a deposit together for their first property to the empty nesters downsizing.