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Rental Investments: Think Like a Tenant

Hi folks,

In the last couple of months I have had a couple of multi –unit properties to sell so thought this would be a good time to revisit rental investments, why? Because as prices have dropped rental yields have increased and at some point in the future property prices will increase as well.

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Negotiating a Property Sale

Hi folks,

Most vendors and purchasers expect that in the sales process, the price will be negotiated to take into account the different expectations of the two parties. Few realise that attributes other than money can also be subject to the negotiation process for a mutually beneficial result.

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What Makes a Good Real Estate Agent?

Hi folks,

Not sure I will like some of the replies to this question but “Is a real estate agent the pushy guy with the sales pitch or the expert with the local market knowledge who can help buyers get the statistics they need to make an informed buy?”

Certainly, there are some agents who think that they can achieve their goals by putting pressure on their clients but most experienced agents know that the best purchaser is the informed one. They know that purchasers who buy under pressure and with insufficient knowledge usually get cold feet before the contract is exchanged - a waste of time and effort for all parties.

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Easter Holiday Home Security Tips

Hi folks,

With Easter and school holidays fast approaching I thought it timely to ask people is yours one of the few houses in the street with an alarm, dog or well-secured doors and windows or where the occupants come and go at irregular times? Then give yourself a big tick for offering the least opportunity i.e greatest opposition or risk to aspiring thieves.

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The New Year, New Home Syndrome

Hi folks,

As the New Year gets under way after the festivities of Christmas, more people decide to buy and sell property than at any other time of the year. In New Zealand unlike Europe, January is traditionally a very quiet month work wise as it is still school holidays, February however is a different matter. This is the time when people start to move in greater numbers, I like to think of it as “new year, new home syndrome” It’s not only Real Estate companies that get busy, recruitment consultants also increase work load as people tend to make life changes as a new year starts. So what does this mean for home owners?

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How to Have a Great Vendor/Agent Relation

Hi folks,

I thought I would address some issues that could potentially affect home owners who are going to come to market in the next few months, it seems logical as this is the time of year when there are generally more houses coming to market. So if the first 2 weeks on the market can set the scene what can we do to avoid any pitfalls. As a vendor, it’s worth remembering that the relationship between vendor and agent works best if there is an open line of communication. If the relationship breaks down, the sale outcome is usually affected and at this stage vendors often blame agents for a host of small things that could have been remedied early in the relationship.

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Vendor? Speak Your Mind.

Hi folks,

I thought I would address some issues that could potentially affect home owners who are going to come to market in the next few months, it seems logical as this is the time of year when there are generally more houses coming to market. So if the first 2 weeks on the market can set the scene, what can we do to avoid any pitfalls?

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Upper Hutt Sales Expectations

Hi folks,

Welcome to 2012, I hope that the holidays had a refreshing feel to them and that you have had a chance to charge your batteries. In my first musings of the year I was going to talk about the property market for Upper Hutt in 2011 and how it has compared with recent years, unfortunately I can’t do that as the sales statistics for December have not been finalised yet.

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Thank You For a Great 2011, Vendors!

Hi folks,

Well I can’t believe it’s that time of year again! I’m sure it was Easter only last week. As they say time flies when you’re having fun so I must have had a fun time in 2011. This is my last column of the year and what a great year it has been, for me both professionally and personally and I hope in m y own small way that I have made it a great year for a good number of people.

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The Best Month For Selling

Hi folks,

During the last four years there haven’t been many positive property market reports, you may see one article saying prices have dropped one month and the people who say it then say prices have risen the next month. I prefer to take a year on year perspective, January on January, February on February etc, so with this in mind I am delighted to say that the number of property sales in Upper Hutt has risen again. There were 52 property sales in October 2011 compared with 32 in October 2010.

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