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January & February have been brilliant!

Hi folks,

When I write about the market, I do so armed with recent sales statistics so there can be no doubt about market changes, I can confidently say that there 46 residential sales in Upper Hutt in January 2015, this is up on the 36 sales in January 2014. I’m not going to manipulate the stats and say “wow a nearly 30% increase!” I’m simply going to point out that it is 10 sales up, which isn’t a lot when you consider there are 400 properties for sale in Upper Hutt.

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Two businesses that really impressed me

Hi folks,

As we all know time flies and as I get older it seems to fly much faster, I’m not sure if that’s due to a 21st century work lifestyle, always connected via phone to internet, emails and phone calls or it’s simply a sign of age. (Feel free to let me know) As regular readers know I write my musings every 2 weeks, a lot of the time it gets repetitive as there is only so much I can write about our local market and trends and the reality is that I’m heavily reliant on the sales stats from REINZ coming through which they won’t until the end of this week, 2 days after you see this in The Leader.

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A Hectic Start to 2015!

Hi folks,

Apparently we are only 3 weeks into the New Year, I say apparently because already I can’t remember Christmas, it’s fair to say that I’ve hit the ground running in 2015 and the biggest issue I have will be convincing myself that 2015 will be a marathon and not a sprint.

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The 2015 property market will be busier

Hi folks,

I’m writing this in the second week of January, a very happy new year to you all, and am awaiting the December 2014 sales for Upper Hutt so I can tie a nice neat bow around 2014 and finally bid it farewell!

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Merry Christmas and an LVR-Free 2015 to You!

Hi folks,

As these are my last musings for 2014, I will keep it short. As regular readers know I read as much information as I can regarding the Upper Hutt property market and disseminate between the national and local information supplied. As such you will be aware it’s been a hard year in real estate terms in Upper Hutt so I would like to congratulations to those that have sold and very best wishes for those trying to sell.

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Wondering How to Pick Your Agent?

Hi folks,

Only 3 and a bit weeks to go until Christmas! I simply cannot believe how quickly it has come around. Is anyone else feeling the same?

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The Upper Hutt real estate market: quiet but steady.

Hi folks,

It’s been a while since I last talked about the sales statistics for Upper Hutt so this is long overdue! Since November 1st there have been a steady number of listings coming to the market, there are now 310 properties on Open2View up from 285 in early October, there’s nothing unusual in that, it’s exactly the same thing that happens every year and also the reason more sales happen. Summer is on the way and people like the idea of being in a new home by Christmas.

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Buy or Sell First?

Hi folks,

One of the advantages of my job is that much of the time the same questions or problems come up, so today I will revisit an oldie but a goodie for those considering selling their home. For the majority of the buying and selling market there isn’t a choice but as I have been asked the question by a potential vendor I thought I would try to give a balanced answer as to whether it is better to buy or sell first.  Selling the home you’re living in before buying another one is the financially safe option in most circumstances. But could the state of the market affect your decision?

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Buying or Selling? Keep your feelings under control.

Hi folks,

I’ve had an interesting week real estate wise! I’ve dealt with 4 different property negotiations, 3 of which were successful. By that I mean negotiations were completed and sales have been agreed but certainly 2 of them were touch and go as emotions were fried and the deals nearly lost. This led me to ponder about how much of my work is emotive and how easy it is lose track of the ultimate goal of purchasing a home.

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How and Where to Advertise

Hi folks,

Hi folks, I was asked this week, and not for the first time, about marketing and advertising. The costs, the different places to advertise, why we do it and how does a vendor decide which advertising vehicles are worth the money.

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